Artist Statment


    Erica Moulton is a visual artist that resides in Chester county Pennsylvania.  She graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  After traveling the world, coming to faith and doing the family thing turned her attention to painted photography in 2020.  She feels this unique form of art expresses a complex spiritual message.  Erica shows her art locally and through the digital marketplace with big plans for the future!

 "I love connecting to people through new perspectives, art and ideas.  Art should speak to you, be a conversation piece, a source of inspiration and serve as a visual reminder to guide your way.  I believe everyone can see the Holy Spirit.  It is my mission to show you my experience, to give you a look from a new perspective at God through art.  As I go through life I feel that connection or message through the Holy Spirit and snap a photo.  Capturing some of God’s light in the dark and attaching his message as the pictures title.  I like to then print and paint the photo, most of the time using water and watercolor paint.  The process is using light from God to make an image, then physically including water from God to amplify the message, making each piece as unique and special as you are.  I include God’s natural resources and our signs of faith to express God’s message.   I use the ability to hand modify each piece to emphasize its intrinsic meaning. 

     Art to me represents where your heart and soul want to be or have been.  The process I go through for all my work is a way of connecting to the world a little differently, to create an intellectual and spiritual experience.  I hope it helps you look at the world from a different pErspEctivE"