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Spirit in the Sky

A very simple message captured from a very simple song on a very beautiful day.  I took this while driving and didn’t see the cross till I was reviewing.  Taken in Cochranville PA while listening to the song “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum.

Who Made Who?

Who makes the shadow, the sun or the cloud?  Light or dark, good and evil, god and man?  The shadows of clouds always fascinate me, they are so big and add a deepness to the landscape, just like these questions. This photograph was taken while listening the song who made who by AC/DC. Painted photograph using watercolors.  Photograph taken in West Chester Pennsylvania.

I Feel Like Making Love

This landscape is rich and warm despite the snow.  The idea is making love to the world, share the warmth and love with everyone like the geese.  Picture taken in Newtown Square PA while listening to Feel Like Makin' Love by Bad Company.

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger, when you meet someone new it is always an experience getting to know them.  Like being in the fog trying to get a better look.  Is it scary not knowing, exciting, maybe just beautiful.

Through the night your face I see

The goodness of life is alway there waiting to be seen.  Just like this rainbow hiding behind the tree, all you have to do is be willing to look past the broken dead branches.  Picture taken in Kennett Square PA while listening to the song “Doom and Gloom” by The Rolling Stones.

Good and Evil

Simple juxtaposition of light and dark.  You can see this EVERYWHERE you look.  What side are you on?  Picture taken in Oxford PA.

The Sound of Silence 

Love the sound of falling snow?  Can you feel what that sounds like?  Don’t get hung up in the hustle and bustle, negativity, money or what is “right” by others standards.  Be the whisper and speak out from your soul!  Photo taken in West Chester PA while listening to the song “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed.

Broken Hallelujah

Have you ever felt broken, unforgivable, tied down, ashamed, or any other tremendous sadness.  Feel it, understand it and use it as strength.  In tremendous darkness there is always a chance at light.  It can be scary, take it and then rejoice!  After every dark night there is a brilliant sun rise.  Taken from my yard in Lincoln University PA while listening to the song hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.


An explosion of light in the darkness!  This is a picture of illuminated water.  I am so inspired by shapes and light and different textures!  Picture taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA.


This series is all about pain, physical or mental pain.  The feeling of not wanting to die followed by the wish of never being born at all. Leaving you feeling like a silhouette of yourself.  How could the world love you and then leave you to die, does anything really matter to people or the world?  You just have to get out.  Love is the way out, love of yourself, your pain and those who are in pain.

What are You Doing?

People are a most interesting subject, how they interact with each other and the world around them.  People are the entire reason I take pictures, these messages are for you!  Please go to my contact me page and send me an email if you are interested in portraits.

Ladies Man

Pets are part of what makes coming home so great!  They make you smile and are always a part of our story.  Keep letting them make you smile!  Please go to my contact me page and send me an email if you are interested in portraits.

"Mine Eyes Have Seen"

Published book cover, description here